1. So what is THE KREWMEN'S sound?

Is it punk? Yes!
is it rock? Yes!
Is it metal? Yes!
Is it psychobilly? Yes!
Is it RnR? Yes!

In fact it is am mixture of all these great sounds!

2. Is Tony the only one left of the founding members?

Yes he is the only one, the other members are now doing many oter jobs outside music.

3. You were the first rockabilly band to come up with the harder rock, trashier, punkier, metal, psychobilly sound. How did you come to this sound and what were your influences?


The early Krewmen (1983-84), sound was pure rockabilly. But Tony could not see a long time futer playing this music. But mor importantly he wanted to write/produce and play his own music. The bands music influences come from greats like, Chuc Berry, Alice Cooper, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Les Zepplin, Jimmi Hendrix and Sex Pistols.

4. Why do every new Krewmen album, sound a bit different from their previous album?

We like to experiment, also we would sonn get bored playing & writing the same old material. But what are more important, are the people who buy your records, "For who wants to keep buying a bands records, if they soud exactly the same as their last release". We strongly feel this is the main reason why The Krewmen have been successful, for over 14/15 years.


5. Your distinctive sound probably means you attract differet music cults to buy your records and also to your concerts.

It was our main way back in 1984/5, (when tony canged our style of music so dramatically), to attract a wider audience to our music. We have played many concerts and festivals around the world, were our audiences and support bands cover all cults. On one festival we even had a woman opera singer as a support. Also our worldwide record sales are brought vy all types of music followers.

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